Dangerous Products

Dangerous Products

We hope that companies don’t sell poorly manufactured or designed products, but they do . . . a lot. We live in a global economy. We use products that are made in all parts of the world. The cost to make or design the product is always the big factor for these companies. Obviously, the cheaper it is to design or make a product, the more profit for the company. Also, many states in the US, including Utah, don’t make it easy for consumers to go after the company that makes or sells a dangerous product. Therefore, companies aren’t always incentivized to make or design good, safe products.

The Ford Pinto is the classic example of this. Ford knew well before it sold the Pinto that people would be seriously injured, even killed, by its poor fuel system design. Before selling the cars, Ford tested the safety of the fuel tanks and saw that they would leak and catch fire at very low speeds. Did they let the consumer know? Of course not. Sure enough, several people were seriously burned or killed in rear-end collision. In the famous “Pinto Memo,” Ford figured that the cost to repair the fleet of Pintos was greater than the cost of 180 death and 180 burn victims, so it chose to keep the defect. Don’t think for one second that this type of thinking doesn’t still go on today.

At Jensen Law, we believe it is our obligation to help keep these companies honest. If an unsafe product injures our client, we have no problem holding the company responsible for wrongly selling or making a dangerous product. We are always on the lookout for the “Pinto Memo.” This is true regardless of the type of product. Product defect cases require a scalpel and a microscope. They require specialized knowledge and skill. If we don’t have the experience or knowledge for your particularly product defect case, we promise to find the best attorney for the job. You are always our top priority.

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