If you or a loved one are involved in an accident, the first priority is to seek medical treatment as soon as possible and for as long as needed. If you have ANY symptoms, do not refuse medical treatment at the scene. Inform the first responders of every symptom and injury. Do not assume that they are document everything that you are feeling. You need to tell the paramedics and doctors everything that hurts. After you are discharged from the doctor or hospital, continue to follow up as long as needed until every symptom is adequately addressed or resolved. Do not assume that your doctors will take care of everything for you. You need to tell the doctors how you are doing. If something is still bothering you, get an appointment and treat for it.

Contact me, an experienced personal injury lawyer, right away. I can make sure you are getting good medical treatment, coordinate medical bills, investigate the accident, and deal with the insurance companies right away. You need to focus on getting better.

Have a family member or friend take photographs and video of the scene as soon as possible after the accident. Do not rely on an investigating authority to do this. Police officers don’t always take photographs and they rarely take video.

Do not give any recorded or unrecorded statements, except with a police officer or treating provider. When giving a statement, be as brief as necessary to convey the necessary information but no more. Do not guess about what happened. If you guess, you can be wrong, and this can effect the outcome of your case. For example, you may be asked how fast the other car was going in an automobile accident. Unless you saw the speedometer of the other car, which you most certainly did not, do not guess the speed. Instead, give a broad description, such as, “The car was going much faster than the other cars,” or “He came out of nowhere.” Always be truthful. Sometimes, saying “I don’t know,” is the only true, accurate answer.

Keep all evidence. If you think it has anything to do with the accident or was in any way a part of the accident, do not get rid of it. Things you may not believe are relevant and important can become very important.