Unfortunately, it may take months or years to receive a settlement or award from the responsible party. Until then, without health insurance, you are stuck with the bills. This can cause a great deal of stress, affect your credit score, and even lead to bankruptcy.

It is always best to pay your medical bills as soon as they come due. If you cannot afford to pay your own medical bills and you don’t have health insurance, then most hospitals, doctors, and other medical providers will send your bills to a collection agency and/or file a hospital lien with the local court. A hospital lien is a legal document that obligates you and your attorneys to pay the outstanding medical bill out of any settlement that you receive. It is always preferable to have a hospital lien placed on your account rather than to have your bills sent to collections. An experienced attorney will contact all of your medical providers as soon as possible to coordinate the execution of a hospital lien to avoid the hassle of dealing with a collection agency.